Yacht Etiquette

Are you island hopping in Greece or watching the Grand Prix in Monaco?

There is nothing quite as luxurious as chartering a private yacht with an escort of your choice. If you plan to charter a yacht, it helps to know the do’s and don’ts when it comes to how to behave onboard. With this in mind, here is the ultimate gentleman’s guide to yacht etiquette.

Respect the Crew 

The crew are there to make sure you and your travel companion are looked after. In turn, you should give them due respect. Their list of duties ranges from ensuring the yacht is in perfect working order and making sure you arrive at your destination safely, not to mention organizing food and drink for your trip. 

Familiarise Yourself with the Rules Prior to Setting Sail 

If you are chartering a yacht in your country of choice, call ahead to explore the particular policies onboard to avoid any awkwardness. This can include anything from the rules regarding smoking on board to what footwear is appropriate. This way, you can be sure that your behaviour won’t inconvenience anyone or offend. 

Put Safety First 

Your safety is the crew’s main priority, so be sure to give the safety briefing your full attention. Yes, you may be distracted by the beauty of your surroundings and eager to entertain your elite escort. However, knowing the location of life jackets and life rafts is essential should an emergency arise. 

Don’t Forget to Tip

The crew work hard to keep you happy for the duration of your trip from keeping the deck and interior spotlessly clean to cooking you delicious meals to enjoy. It is good manners to leave a tip for the captain and crew, and this can vary between 5% and 15% of the charter cost. The amount you choose to tip will, of course, depend on how satisfied you and your yacht escort are with the service. 

Never Break the Law 

You usually have free reign onboard when it comes to entertaining companions. However, it is essential that you take the law into account at all times and do not commit any illegal activities. The crew will keep themselves to themselves. So, feel free to drink and party around the clock, but rest assured that all illegal activities are reported to the authorities. 

Chartering a yacht is one of the most exclusive options when travelling, and knowing the correct etiquette is essential.  

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