Yachting in Greece

If you’re already contemplating your next yachting adventure, then there’s simply no better place to picture it than Greece.

Boasting over 6,000 islands and islets, the Greek islands are simply iconic. Surrounded by crystal clear and perfectly blue seas full of mythical magic, Greece has all you and your companion could possibly wish for – and a whole lot more.

Take to the Seas 

Whether you choose to explore the seas alone, or with a companion or two of your choice, the Greek islands are simply perfect for that luxurious break away. That said, if you fancy something a little more challenging, then the Greek Meltemi winds certainly won’t disappoint. Whether you sail sideways into the wind – or over, and above the crashing waves – the Greek seas certainly make for a powerful adventure, wherever you choose to head for.

Something for Everyone 

From lazy fishing villages through to vibrant marinas, yachting experiences in Greece can quite simply encapsulate anything you might have in mind from one day to the next and wherever you choose to moor up, you’re guaranteed unique and magnificent landscapes which are quite simply breath-taking. Steeped in mythical history, you can expect your yacht adventure to take you to places you might never have imagined and be sure to enjoy the most truly magical journey along the way; with tales such as the Nereas, the sea God who fathered fifty daughters and Poseidon, the God of the Sea.

Incredible Itineraries 

Those who explore Greece by yacht quickly become spell-bound by the many hidden harbours and truly captivating settlements, such as Santorini, Mykonos and even the medieval ambience of Crete. Then, of course, there’s Parthenon and the world-renowned New Acropolis Museum in Athens, which in itself makes for the perfect place to drop your anchor and explore inland.  Wherever you choose to explore, the Greek islands will never disappoint and neither will your yachting experience.  

Known locally as ‘Meltemi’ winds, the Greek winds are seasonal reaching between 5 and 7 Beaufort between May and September, thus making unforgettable memories for those looking to windsurf or kitesurf along the way not to mention journeys from the more competitive sailors, who you’ll undoubtedly find competing in competitions such as the Aegean Regatta, the Cyclades Regatta, the International Aegean Sailing Rally, the Crete Union Cup and the Rhodes Cup.

But of course, it’s not all about competing – in fact, far from it. The Greek islands are all about relaxation and there can surely be no better way to do that than by yacht with a sexy high-class escort for company.  It’s a purely magical experience, in every sense of the word.

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