Gentlemen's Guide

Here at Top Companions, we want to help our clients get the most out of our agency. With this in mind, we’ve put together a gentlemen’s guide to make booking an escort with us a simple, stress-free experience. Read on to familiarise yourself with client etiquette.

Contacting the Agency

We specialize in matchmaking, and we will always be on hand to simplify the booking process and help you find the perfect match with our expert advice. However, we prefer that you only contact the agency when you are genuinely interested in booking a companion.

Please don’t ask for full pictures if you are not a member as there is a good reason the models face is not shown to everyone. Discretion is essential for the companions as they are ambitious young ladies.

Lastly, our rates are non-negotiable, and bartering will not be tolerated. We offer an elite service, and our prices reflect this.

Prepare for your Dream Date

Your companion will prepare in advance for your meeting and will expect the same from you. Our escorts pride themselves on being impeccably groomed, so please return the favour. Dress well and groom yourself: clip your nails, shave, apply aftershave, brush your teeth.

Hygiene is integral for a memorable experience. It speaks for itself that bad hygiene is a huge turn-off, so be sure that your grooming regime is up to scratch before meeting your companion.


Paying for an experience with an escort can feel a bit awkward, but it doesn’t have to be. We advise you to settle the payment upfront with the agency by a discreet online payment or wire.

This takes the financial hassle out of the meeting and makes it feel more natural. Should you prefer to pay cash, please prepare the exact amount in an unsealed envelope and place it in sight for when the model arrives. She should not ask for it.

Meeting your Companion

Punctuality is paramount, and if you are delayed for any reason, you must let us know at the earliest opportunity. Treat and respect your companion as you would on a first date. The encounter should be a positive experience for both of you. Preparing a gift is not essential but always appreciated. Avoid personal questions as this could make your companion uncomfortable. It is advisable to stick to more general topics such as hobbies, favourite cuisine, travel destinations, interests.

Compliments are always well received and are a superb way to break the ice. Preparing a drink is highly appreciated but be mindful not to drink too much. A few drinks to set the mood and calm the nerves are fine. Being drunk is not sexy and might result in the companion leaving the date.

Never ask for services that the model does not provide, as this may ruin the mood.

Extending the Meeting

If you wish to extend the experience, this is not a problem, but be prepared to pay for your companion’s time. Offering to take your companion out for dinner is great, but don’t expect her to join you for free. Always remember, the foundation of your meeting is paid companionship.

Expecting her to spend time with you in exchange for a meal or an extra drink will offend her. If you like your companion and want to enjoy more time with her, you can extend your meeting.

Be Respectful and Honest

Running the agency takes a lot of energy and investment on our behalf, and for this reason, we only work with honest and reliable people. Asking for private contact details of the models or sharing your contact information in the hope to cut us out will not be tolerated. It’s offensive for both the agency and the companion, and it will result in being blacklisted. If you are the type of client that does not like to go through an agency, please search for an independent.

We believe that good agreements make good friends.

All this being said, let’s start our positive collaboration, and let’s create beautiful experiences, connections and memories that will last a lifetime.