The Sexiest Cities to Visit with a Travel Escort

We’re sure that by now you are all looking forward to stamp your passports after months of lockdown.

However, what city will you find yourself in when travel restrictions lift? Here’s a list of the sexiest cities to visit with a beautiful travel escort of your choice. 


Undoubtedly one of the sexiest cities in the world. Paris should be number one on your bucket list of cities to visit post lockdown. With its abundance of fine wine, epic monuments and architecture and its very own red-light district (the Quartier Pigalle), Paris is brimming with sex appeal. Explore the raunchy side of the city. Go and see an X rated show, check into a boudoir style hotel and tick of the most romantic spots with your escort. 


Berlin has a rich underground sex scene that is just waiting to be discovered. It also has a wild entertainment scene. It includes a host of secret bars. You will have fun regardless of how you choose to spend your time. Berlin is truly a hub for sexual exploration and the options are limitless. It’s your choice how naughty you want to get!


Renowned for being one of the most sexually liberated cities on the planet, the city of Amsterdam attracts visitors who want to feel good. While the red light district is the hub for sex-related activity, there is so much more to experience. Hit up the sex stores and add some spice to your hotel stay!


Danish nationals are the second sexiest nationality in the world. So, it’s no surprise that Copenhagen is on our list of sexiest cities to experience with an escort. The use of sex toys is rampant here. So, why not use this trip as a perfect opportunity to push your boundaries? With strip clubs and sexy nightclubs and luxury hotels aplenty, there is no shortage of adult entertainment here. 


Of course, Brussels is known for being a romantic city, but is it sexy? The population of Brussels has one of the largest sexual appetites out there and with a red light district, you could say it’s the perfect spot for a naughty weekend. Residents here report high levels of sexual satisfaction and this sexy atmosphere definitely rubs off on visitors. 

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