A Naughty Travel Guide to Berlin

Berlin is known for its love of everything erotic and so it’s the perfect place for a naughty weekend with a Berlin escort of your choice.

Are you looking to spice up your Berlin trip? We have everything you need to ramp up your pleasure rating. 

Raunchy Retail

Berlin is overrun with sex shops. So, you won’t find it hard to purchase some pleasure related items here. Schwarzer Reiter should be your first port of call if you wish to bring the heat to your escort encounter. Here you can find anything you need from sex toys to outfits and props. This luxury fetish retailer stocks classy blindfolds and whips and handcuffs for you, to enjoy. For a unique experience visit The Fun Factory where you can shop for contemporary toys and accessories. Whether you want your escort to dress up for you or you want to experiment with toys, you are in for a night to remember so don’t forget to add Berlin’s sexiest shops to your itinerary. 

Frisky Fantasies 

If you want to try something totally different, Berlin is the place. Why not try tantric yoga with one of our naughty escorts? The Spiritual Yoga Lounge offers tantra courses and you can put into practice what you’ve learned in your hotel suite. What about an erotic massage? Visit the Liquidrom and explore one of the sexiest spas in the city. It has a little private pool in the corner that attracts a lot of couples looking to get steamy. The thermal pool is a must as it has an underwater music program not to mention the steam bath that can’t help to get you in the mood. 

Erotic Encounters 

After discovering Berlin’s naughty side by day, it’s time to discover what erotic encounters can be enjoyed after dark. Why not try an erotic nightclub with one of our devilish escorts? Head to KitKat Club where you will attend one of the city’s most infamous clubs (sex is allowed here) while enjoying some of the best electronic music out. This venue prides itself on debauchery and it even has a massage room and its own pool! For something a little less wild, check out Insomnia, a sex club that specialises in bondage and burlesque shows. For maximum naughtiness, try Lab.oratory where you can experiment with a range of sexual antics in the legendary club located in an abandoned warehouse. 

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