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    English, Greek

About Daniella

Daniella lights up any room she walks into. Beautiful inside and out, this nubile escort is full of naughty ideas, and she can’t wait to tell you about them. A sexy blonde, Daniella expertly knows how to keep the sexual tension building and building until it threatens to overflow. When you are with her, you will have her undivided attention.

An Intense Connection

What makes Daniella so special is her ability to spark an intense connection with you from the moment you meet. She is a sizzling hot blonde with unusual eyes that shimmer green in some lights and a sultry brown in others. She oozes charm that will have you being putty in her hands. Her favourite part of the night is the build-up, soaking up how much you want her and drawing out the sexual tension until you are ready to burst.

Sparkling Personality and a Sizzling Hot Physique

Daniella loves flirting with people, and her natural sexuality makes every encounter with her electric. This escort takes impeccable care of her body, and not only is every inch of her toned from hours in the gym, but her hair also shines and her skin sparkles. If you like the combination of stunning looks, a young nubile body and an energetic personality, Daniella is the escort for you.

An Accommodating Escort

Daniella’s sensual body commands attention with her long limbs and nimble physique. She is full of creative ideas that will make you stand to attention. This is a woman who knows her worth. One of the best things about Daniella is that she goes out of her way to make you feel adored. Your encounter will be full of laughter, and you will feel the stress of everyday life melt away as your jaw unclenches and your shoulders relax. She has all types of tricks up her sleeve to leave you feeling renewed with a fresh zest for life. One date with her, and you will leave feeling like a new man.

Fun, Flirty and Fancy Free

Daniella is the type of girl who looks on the bright side of life and every moment with her is a joy. Her friendly, outgoing persona is contagious, and you will feel your spirits lifted the moment you meet her. Of course, she loves nothing more than to lavish attention on you. However, Daniella also loves couple encounters, and her easy-going nature makes sure that three is never a crowd.

Get Up Close and Personal with Daniella

We’re sure you’ve read enough and can’t wait to see what a night with Daniella holds. There’s no better time to explore a sensual adventure with one of our most talented escorts. If an intimate night with Daniella describes your dream date, contact the team at Top Companions today.

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