The perfect combination of spirituality and spontaneity…

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    Mid 30's

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    English, Dutch, German, French

About Megan

Megan is beautiful both inside and out, and her natural talent only counteracts her angelic ways of seduction. However, when she is entertaining, she is truly in her element, and the art of seduction is one of her special skills.

Hot with a Heart of Gold

Megan is a chameleon, and she is at home in any social situation. She can match her mood to yours effortlessly, and she can go from serious to sociable in seconds. Softly spoken, she loves nothing more than to pamper you with love and affection, and her open and honest nature makes her truly irresistible. This goddess loves to meet new people, and you can’t fail to be charmed in her presence.

Social, Sexy and Always Impeccably Stylish

One of Megan’s biggest passions is travel, and her exotic experiences will enchant you. She is at one with nature and the outdoors, and her love of hiking ensures her body is toned to perfection, and there is no doubt that you will like what you see. When it comes to cuisine, Megan loves nothing more than dining out and enjoys cuisines of all kinds, making her the perfect companion. Her style is impeccable, and her wardrobe is brimming with beautiful outfits, so she always looks the part.

A Philosophical Goddess

With her striking tall silhouette, her beautiful brown eyes framed perfectly with dark blonde locks; it is impossible not to stare. Spend time with Megan, and she will always leave you wanting more. She is a woman of class and elegance, and you can tell this from the way she holds herself and the clothes that she wears. In addition, her long flowing hair will leave you mesmerized.

A Bisexual Beauty

Megan is a bisexual escort with the perfect combination of beauty and brains and is one of the most striking escorts in our gallery. She is fun, playful, but brilliant. She loves to explore different cultures, and her knowledge of travel and spirituality is bound to impress.

Book Megan Today and Fall Under Her Spell

If an intimate experience with Megan sounds like your dream date, get in touch with the team at Top Companions today. Your desires are our top priority, and we can ensure that your experience reflects your ultimate fantasies. Rest assured your encounter with Megan will be kept completely confidential. Your privacy is our top concern.

Ik moet effe bekomen. What a date!!!!! Megan en ik hebben een heerlijk zalige tijd beleefd in Wenen. Ronduit super. De connectie was intens. Hoe beter we elkaar leren kennen hoe meer blijkt hoeveel overeenkomsten we hebben. Dit was een geschenk van het leven dat ik nooit zal vergeten. Hoop dat jullie kunnen genieten van de mooie foto's die ik van haar maakte. Doe haar nog vele groeten van me.


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