A sexy brunette who can’t wait to teach you something new…

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    Late 30's

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    English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish

About Alice

Alice, our captivating model from Brussels, possesses an enchanting charm and flawless grace that leave an unforgettable impression. With her energetic and daring spirit, Alice is the perfect companion for those exploring the Benelux region, promising to add excitement to your journey.

A Skilled Conversationalist with a Sexy Side

Whether you want a sensual girlfriend experience or a wild, sexy playmate, Alice’s exciting personality ensures you will always be entertained. Her spontaneous and liberated approach inspires you to let go of reservations and embrace new adventures, while her intellect guarantees engaging and endless conversations. With a fondness for Asian cuisine, Alice is the ideal companion for a dinner date, eager to connect over a refreshing glass of prosecco. Embodying the essence of a free spirit, Alice invites you to embark on a journey where the night's possibilities are boundless.

A Playful and Adventurous Escort with Beauty and Brains

Alice, a globe-trotting model with a sharp intellect, excels in engaging company. She effortlessly combines her vast knowledge and quick wit with striking beauty, leaving a lasting impression. With eclectic interests ranging from the rhythms of alternative music to the intricate world of science, Alice is a visual delight and a profoundly fascinating companion. Whether discussing the latest culinary trends or sharing travel tales, she is the epitome of a versatile and captivating social companion.

Effortlessly Beautiful with a Seductive Smile

Alice's silhouette is a vision of slim elegance and toned grace, enchanting from head to toe. Her commitment to sports and wellness is reflected in her slender legs and defined upper body. Like all our high-end models, Alice values her health, ensuring her skin is smooth, and her brown eyes sparkle with vitality. Beyond her physical allure, Alice embodies beauty from within, making her an exquisitely attentive companion. For those searching for a partner who captivates both inside and out, Alice stands unmatched.

A Free Spirit with a Love for the Simple Life

Alice is as comfortable in the lap of luxury at a five-star hotel as she is embarking on a jungle adventure. Whether you envision a date amidst nature's grandeur or prefer indulging her in the opulence of a high-end hotel suite, Alice finds the beauty in every moment. Her adaptable nature ensures she's the perfect companion for any setting, always ready to embrace the wonder of the experience.

Book a Memorable Encounter with Alice Today

Every moment spent with Alice is memorable. Her adventurous spirit and open mind make her an ideal companion for couples seeking to enhance their experience. With a constant smile and a liberating energy, Alice effortlessly creates a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for you and your partner. Based in Brussels, she is not only available across the Benelux but also for global adventures. Don't hesitate to reach out and arrange your next captivating encounter with Alice.

I really enjoyed Alice's company. She is gentle and radiant. It was the birthday present i did to myself and Alice was a beautiful gift.


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