Tips for your First Encounter with an Escort

You’ve booked your first encounter, so it’s time to prepare and pull out all of the stops.

Of course, your elite escort will have everything you need and more for a night of seduction, but there are a few things that you can bring to the table. Find out our seductive tips for your first encounter with an escort. 

Be Charismatic 

We’re going to let you into a secret. Women find charismatic men irresistible. Some men are born with it; others learn the art of being charismatic after seeing the advantages it gives them in both work and personal settings. There are many ways you can ooze charisma during your encounter, from your dinner date to the bedroom. Smile at your escort regularly and look in her eyes when she converses with you. Charisma is about making a connection, and you can use your personality and body language to achieve it. Exude warmth and be polite at all times. 

Be Confident 

Confidence is an attractive trait for any man and an excellent tool when seducing a stunning escort. Of course, first encounters and first-time nerves often go hand in hand but if you feel nervous, give yourself a little pep talk before your date. Make a playlist that gets you in a feel-good mood and put on clothes that make you both look and feel good. Lastly, choose a scent that gives you that extra little confidence boost before you walk out of the door. 

Look Good, Smell Great 

The quickest way to get in the mood for seduction is to look and smell great. To do this, spend a little extra time in the shower, lathering up and becoming squeaky clean. Knowing you are well-groomed and your appearance is on point will make you shake off any last-minute nerves and help you focus on the task at hand. If you have a date scheduled, get a haircut earlier in the week or spend a few hours in the gym and get those endorphins pumping. 

Be Attentive and Affectionate 

When it comes to meeting your companion in person, the best way to make a superb first impression is to show interest in her. Show affection and be attentive when you get the opportunity, and you will be greatly rewarded. 

Are you ready to put your new seduction techniques to the test? 

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