How to Show Affection to your High-Class Escort 

Your high-class escort’s aim for the duration of your encounter is to please you.

She will show you this in a number of ways, both emotionally and physically. In return, you can show your appreciation by showing your high-class escort affection. Here are a few ways to do this. 

Give Her Your Full Attention 

A small and easy way to show affection to your escort is to make sure you give her your undivided attention. This way, she knows that you are interested in what she is saying and doing as you are not distracted. Doing this is easy. Hang on to her every word, reply with passion when discussing a topic and don’t pick up your phone. 

Be Tactile 

Another simple way to show your escort affection is to be tactile with her. This could be anything from holding hands while you are one-on-one, putting your hand on her arm over dinner or wrapping your arm around her when she is cold. Being touchy-feely when it is appropriate is a wonderful sign of affection. 

Eye Contact 

Eye contact can symbolise flirting, respect but also affection. If you want your high-class escort to know that you are focused on her and that you are listening to what she has to say and are fully immersed in the moment, eye contact is essential. When you look into her eyes, you are telling her she has your full attention and that you are present. 

Cuddles and Kisses

If you enjoy a girlfriend experience and want to show your escort affection, you can show this by giving her cuddles and kisses. This physical contact is one of the most common ways to show affection and make an escort feel adored. 

Be Vocal

Compliments are a superb form of affection and one that every escort welcomes with open arms. Tell her what you like about her, what attracts you to her and why. Be as vocal as you can be about her good qualities, whether this is about the way she looks, what she wears, or aspects of her personality. Telling her why you think she is attractive is another way of letting her know you enjoy spending time with her. 

Not all forms of affection may be welcomed by your escort as everyone is different so be sure to communicate and ask how she likes to be shown affection before you dive in. 

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