The Best Gifts to Offer to an Elite Companion

Your favourite escort provides you with a lot of pleasure so it’s natural that you might want to show your gratitude with a lavish gift.

If you need help picking out the perfect present, here is a rundown of the best gifts to offer to an elite companion. 


Lingerie is both a present for you and a gift for your favourite elite escort. Ask what her lingerie size is so you can be sure to get something that she loves. You can use your preferences to inspire your purchase. For example, feel free to choose a lingerie set in your favourite colour. Perhaps there is a particular type of lingerie that you have always fantasized about her wearing for you? Suspenders and stockings maybe? Stick to high-end brands, and you can’t go wrong. 

Wine or Champagne 

If you have built a bond with an elite escort, the chances are you know what their favourite tipple is, and this is a thoughtful, fail-safe gift to surprise her with. Her favourite champagne or spirit to make her go-to cocktail is always a good idea. Or perhaps there is a specific tipple you have ever ordered with her? This way, she will think of you when she drinks it. 


Romantic gifts are always welcome, and chocolates are a luxurious treat. Champagne truffles or Belgian chocolates are an indulgent choice that can’t fail to make a good impression. 

Flowers and Fragrance 

Escorts love a gentleman with manners, and so beautiful flowers will always be well received. If you have enjoyed a few meetings with your chosen companion, you could ask her what her favourite flowers are but if you don’t know this information you can ask the agency or opt for something classic like white or red roses. Fragrance is a tricky gift as it is incredibly personal but if you want to gift your escort a stunning scent, be sure to ask what her choice of perfume is before you buy it. 

Knowing how much to spend or what to buy can be a challenge so our advice would be to start small with a fail-safe token gift if it is the first time you are meeting an escort (gifts are never expected). Spend time getting to know your elite companion and find out what she likes and dislikes or ask the agency. This way, you can make sure she will love it.  

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