4 Ways to Prepare for a High-Class Escort Encounter 

So, you’ve decided on the perfect high-class escort, set a date and a time, and now all that’s left to do is fantasize about the erotic adventure ahead.

Right? Well, there are many ways you can prepare for a high-class escort encounter. Here are just a few of them. 

Read up on Escort Etiquette 

Are you on your A-game when it comes to escort etiquette? Do your research and get all of the answers to those questions you have. For example, how much can you drink before an escort encounter? What should you wear, and what is a good way to break the ice? Learning good etiquette for an escort encounter will ensure you are truly prepared for anything. 

Brush Up on Your Conversational Skills 

If you haven’t been on a date for a while, you may find yourself worrying about any awkward pauses or stilted conversation. One way to ensure nerves don’t get the better of you is to work on your conversational skills. This could be anything from interesting travel experiences to your favourite cuisine. Don’t forget that asking questions and taking an interest in your high-class escort is just as important as talking about yourself but keep the conversation light and don’t get too personal. 

Do a Crash Course in Flirting 

Flirting helps to build a connection between you and your companion, and it’s also a great ice breaker. Learn the importance of eye contact, complementing your escort on her appearance and, of course, being as charming as you can with great manners. These are all attractive qualities, and learning these basics will ensure you are ready for your encounter. 

Be Your Best Self 

Just as you would for a standard date, spend the days before your escort encounter making sure you are the best version of yourself. This includes personal grooming. You could hit the gym. You could make sure your favourite suit is dry cleaned and ready to wear for your dinner date, you could get a haircut, and prioritise cleanliness. This way, when you turn up for your escort encounter, you are 100% ready to impress. 

So, there you have it! Four ways to prepare for a high-class escort encounter. Here are just a few of them. . Are you ready? Book a steamy escort encounter today. 

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