Etiquette for Escort Encounters 

We want your escort encounter to be truly memorable for all of the right reasons, that’s why we’ve rounded up all of our etiquette tips to ensure your one-on-one meeting goes smoothly and is mutually enjoyable.

Believe it or not, there are many handy rules to stick to regarding behaviour that can change your experience for the better. 

Don’t Drink Excessively 

This means do not turn up intoxicated for your encounter but also don’t get too carried away with drinking during your date. One glass of wine can get rid of any pre-encounter nerves and make you loosen up which can remove any awkwardness you may feel especially if this is your first time booking an escort. 

Good Personal Hygiene is Paramount 

Excellent hygiene is one of the most important parts of escort etiquette and must be something you prioritize every time you meet with your favourite escort. Prepare how you would for a normal date with a girl you want to impress. This means taking a shower before you arrive, wearing clean clothes and shoes, being well-groomed and spraying on some attractive aftershave. Cleanliness will make your encounter all the more thrilling. 

Be Respectful at all Times 

If you want to have the most incredible experience with an escort, respect is a must. If you are polite and respectful from the beginning of your encounter, your escort will feel immediately at ease and comfortable in your presence. 


Any escort knows the importance of privacy and will treat you with the utmost discretion. She expects the same in return.

Getting to know your escort is all part and parcel of the experience and connections are not solely physical but avoid asking any questions that infringe on her privacy.

Escorts are well versed in the art of conversation so let her guide you when it comes to topics and you will have a night to remember without crossing any boundaries. 


We prioritize comfort and safety at all times, so it won’t come as a surprise that condoms are mandatory when enjoying a sensual encounter with one of our escorts. Avoid any awkwardness and never ask an escort to have unprotected intimacy. 

Making sure you are familiar with escort etiquette before you make a booking can enhance any encounter and allow you to relax and enjoy every moment. Are you ready to make a booking? 

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