Why Men Love Green-Eyed Escorts 

As we know, the eyes are the window to the soul.

Therefore, they play a huge role in the attraction of the opposite sex. When we first meet someone new, it is often the other person’s eyes that attract our attention immediately over other physical characteristics of the face and body. Hence, it is no surprise that eye colour is something most men are drawn to when thinking about their perfect woman and choosing a high-class escort to spend time with. Here’s why men love green-eyed escorts .

Green-Eyed Escorts are Rare 

Unlike brown or blue eyes, which are relatively common, green eyes are extremely rare. This is one of the reasons why men adore escorts with green eyes. Something rare is special. Green eyes are a characteristic you don’t come across all the time, which means when a man sees a woman with green eyes, he will immediately feel attracted to her. Only two percent of the world has green eyes, so finding an escort with green eyes is like finding a hidden gem. 

Green Eyed Girls are Mysterious 

All physical attributes come with a stigma or stereotype attached to them. For example, brown eyes are synonymous with intelligence. Blue eyes can represent innocence, and green eyes are no exception.

Green eyes are associated with mystery, usually because, as we mentioned earlier, green eyes are a rarity.

Whether your green-eyed escort has red hair or is a blonde or a brunette, you can be sure they will be brimming with mystery and intrigue. 

Green Eyes Equal Unbridled Passion 

Another personality trait that is connected to green eyes is passion. Of course, being passionate is something our escorts are extremely good at, but when you choose an escort with green eyes, you can rest assured you are in for a wild night. When you initially meet an escort, whether deep in conversation or making eye contact over dinner and drinks, piercing green eyes will spark an initial attraction that will turn into a passionate encounter. You can expect our green-eyed escorts to be pretty, playful and passionate. What more could you wish for? 

Do you think that green eyes are the most attractive eye colour? What are you waiting for? Book a green-eyed escort today!

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