Brunette Escorts, Why Men Worship Them

Brunette escorts are the epitome of class.

But why do men worship them? When it comes to having a type, hair colour plays a huge role. This comes down to a mix of personal preferences and, of course, the stereotypes that come with each one. For example, men are attracted to blondes because of their ability to stand out in a crowd. Further, men are fond of redheads because of their fiery nature. However, why are men so attracted to brunettes? Read on to discover the natural allure of a brunette escort. 

Smart and Sexy Brunette Escorts

Men adore brunette women because, unlike blondes dubbed to be ditsy and flirty, dark-haired women carry around the stigma of having that killer combination of brains and beauty. Intelligence means interesting conversation and a deeper connection, a woman to keep you on your toes. 

Classy and Elegant with a Hint of Flirtation 

When you look at brunette sex sirens in the media, it’s classy and elegant figures like Audrey Hepburn that come to mind. Moreover, brunette escorts have an air of class that makes them the perfect companion for a fancy dinner date or social event, making them incredibly appealing. 

An Air of Mystery 

Blondes have this reputation for being accessible which is attractive to some men. Brunettes have the reputation of playing hard to get which some men find equally as tantalising. Men like a challenge, they like the chase and dark-haired women offer all of this and more. With a brunette escort, you get the thrill of the chase with the added advantage of claiming your prize every time. 

An Unrivalled Level of Beauty 

Of course, one of the main reasons men find our brunette escorts so captivating is simply because of their physical characteristics. We have brunette escorts with blue eyes which appeals to men who love the English Rose aesthetic. Some of our escorts have dark hair paired with the killer combination of dark eyes, olive skin and tick boxes for men who want that exotic look. Add in a killer body and a superb personality and you’ve got yourself a sizzling date. 

Whatever your type, we only hire the best escorts in the city. So, you can rest assured that when you book a brunette escort with us, you’ll get the VIP experience you deserve, every time. Browse our epic model escort gallery today. 

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