The word knock-out was created just for her…

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    Late 20's

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  • Languages

    English, Dutch

About Sarah

Sarah is every fantasy you’ve ever had all rolled into one. This stunning escort is fluent in role-play, massage and dirty talk. Buckle up! You’re in for a wild ride.

A Fun Fantasy Filled Date

Sarah knows just the right recipe to create an explosive sexual cocktail of arousing activities to create the ultimate encounter. She gets off from being desired and the way she looks; you can’t help but worship at her feet. She’ll combine role play, dirty talk, and massage dressed in leather, silk, and lace. She has a selection of toys and props to add that extra dash of spice. She can’t wait to be the cop while you are the criminal in need of some punishment. She relishes each and every one of your fantasies and expertly brings them to life with vigour.

Animalistic Pleasure

Sarah can turn you on just by looking into your eyes. Her dark hair and blue eyes are a striking combination that makes her appearance physically arresting. There’s a glint in her eyes that hints at just how wild she can be. Sexy and stunning, her personality is warm and friendly, and she has the vibe that people love to be around. Sociable and playful, she is the first to get up to dance at a social event and the last to leave. This makes her a superb companion if you want a gorgeous plus one to a corporate event or party.

Tall, Tempting and Tantalizing

Sarah likes a real gent, so open doors for her and treat her like a Queen. A sense of humour will get you far with this escort. In return, she will lavish you with attention and affection, listening when you need her to, bringing fun to every situation. Laughter is a gift she gives generously and with ease. Her high intelligence levels are obvious from the get-go, and you will honestly wonder what you did before you met her. So get ready to be wowed.

A Bisexual Escort That Likes to be Blindfolded

Sarah is experienced with couples, and her biggest fantasy is to be blindfolded and pleasured by both a man and a woman. If this fills you with excitement, she could be the perfect escort to join you in a threesome. In her spare time, she hikes and kitesurfs, and her love of adrenaline sports give you an idea of how exhilarating a night with her can be. If you want to put the spark back into your relationship, she has the power to unveil your desires and help you reconnect with a night of passion and unbridled pleasure.

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