Age: Late 20's / Height: 1.70m / Dress Size: S / Lingerie: B / Eyes: Brown / Occupation: Artist / Languages: English, French, Italian

A coquettish escort with unquenchable curiosity…

Roxanne is a auburn beauty who will take your breath away. Whatever your plans, Roxanne can keep you entertained day or night. Enjoy some alone time with this sexy escort and get up close and personal with her killer physique. 

A Charming Escort 

With her impossibly long legs and her bubbly demeanor, Roxanne is the ultimate companion. She would love to travel the world and experience adventure around the globe. If you are looking for a charming lover, this high-end escort will delight you. She loves nothing more than to explore your boundaries and try new things and her flirting skills are second to none. When you book an encounter with Roxanne, you will experience an intimate night like no other. This sultry model lives life for the moment and she has an outgoing social personality so you can rest assured that there will never be a dull moment when you are together. 

Sweet, Sexy and Surprisingly Naughty

Roxanne likes to seduce and be seduced. This high-class escort loves a challenge and is always up for adventure. She loves a charismatic man that is spontaneous and a great sense of humor is a must. In her free time, she enjoys the theatre, dancing, spa trips and culture. A sexy dancer, Roxanne has so much more to offer than beauty alone. Get to know her a little better over dinner and toast to an intimate evening with a glass of wine or two. Roxanne loves French and Italian cuisine so you can be sure she knows the best places to eat in the city.  

A Seductive Escort that Enjoys the Good Life 

Roxanne is beautiful and dynamic but she is also skilled in the art of conversation. Always smiling, she connects with people easily and her curiosity makes time spent with her very interesting. Her beautiful brown eyes are framed by long auburn hair that is sexily tousled. When you first meet her, you will be taken back by her sophisticated appearance, wherever you plan to spend your time with her, she has the perfect attire for every occasion. Seduction and temptation is her specialty. 

Try Something New with Roxanne

Roxanne enjoys sensual encounters with both men and women equally so if you want to experience a naughty night in as a couple with a VIP escort, she is the perfect choice. Her main focus is having a good time and she will instantly put you at ease in her company. 

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