Flirtatious, flexible and oh so frisky...

  • Age

    Mid 20's

  • Height


  • Dress Size


  • Lingerie


  • Eyes


  • Occupation

    Model & Entrepreneur

  • Languages

    Dutch, English

About Jade

Jade is ravishingly beautiful with her light brown hair, glowing skin, and knock-out smile. Her love of adventure and her daring nature means she is more than willing to explore if you want to try new things. One night with Jade, and you’ll be under her spell.

Insatiable, Intelligent and Idyllic

Everything about Jade is designed to enchant you. From the way she dresses to the way she moves, this companion is like nothing you will have ever experienced before. A night with her is refreshing, thrilling, and one hundred percent satisfying, and before you leave, you will be thinking about seeing her again. Somehow she knows exactly what you like and isn’t afraid to let her curiosity guide her into insanely sexy scenarios. Her love of new experiences and her sense of ambition makes her exciting to be around while her beauty will have you eating out of the palm of her hand. This girl is a challenge. Are you up for it?

Spontaneous and Stunning

When you meet Jade, the first thing you will notice is her dazzling eyes. Over dinner, you may find yourself thinking about how they would look staring up at you. Her beauty is distracting, and every moment spent with her is tempting beyond belief.

Experimental, Enchanting and Entertaining

Jade is one of our naughtiest models, and her mischievous nature always ensures a thrilling experience whether you wish to book an encounter with her as a couple or keep her all to yourself. A gentleman or couple that is polite yet motivated is a great match for this beautiful model.

A Temptress Who Adores Power Play

Jade loves a challenge, which means she can create sizzling hot scenarios for your pleasure. Whether you want to play a dominant role or you want her to take the lead, she is more than ready to perform. If you want to feel desired, this is one of Jade’s specialist skills. You can enjoy a deep sensual connection with this Jade, and every moment will be a pleasure.

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Are you ready to deep dive into a sensual experience with Jade? If Jade sounds like your dream girl, why not book a raunchy encounter with her and discover why she is one of our naughtiest escorts.

A quick message to thank you for organising the meeting with Jade. She was fantastic, just like last time. She is gorgeous. I brought her some outfits and whatever one she tried on; I never saw these outfits taking shape so perfectly. Together with Ivy, she is exceptional. I'm so curious if there's more like this in your agency.


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