Time spent with Evy is sensual, steamy and brimming with seductive charm...

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    Early 30's

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    French, English

About Evy

Evy is an artist, and her imagination makes it easy for her to create sexy scenarios that keep every encounter new and exciting. She likes to connect with you on a deep level. Her intensity is only matched by her beauty.

Imaginative and Irresistible

Evy is fascinated by psychology, philosophy and spirituality, which makes her an incredibly interesting date. Over dinner, you can bond over any topic you choose, and her outlook on life is truly inspiring. She enjoys the company of ambitious, intelligent, accomplished men as she thirsts for learning and success. Get to know Evy over a glass of the finest red wine and be wowed by her intuitive persona and flirty nature.

Elegant and Educated

Evy’s interests range from museums and art to paintings and sculptures, making her the ultimate sightseeing companion. She loves nothing more than discovering a new country or culture, so if you are looking for a tempting travel escort, Evy is hands down the perfect match. Her physical characteristics might mean you get slightly distracted on your educational tour of a town.

Sexual Games Aplenty

There isn’t one sexual fantasy that Evy can’t bring to life. Evy is a temptress who adores playing games. She loves to dress up and isn’t afraid to embrace any roleplay scenario. Any intimate adventures you have with her are bound to include laughter and sexual intensity in equal measure. She will take delight in having you sit on your hands and abiding by the no-touching rule while she gives you the raunchiest lapdance of your life. She is discreet and disarming in public but turns into a tiger when you get her alone. She adds a layer of mystery to sexual encounters that will always keep you on your toes.

Pretty and Positive

One thing you will pick up on from the moment you meet Evy is her positive energy. Her presence brightens up the room. Whether you are enjoying a romantic dinner for two at one of the best Italian restaurants in town or getting intimate in your hotel suite, Evy’s upbeat nature makes every encounter a joy. Get ready to feel a natural high with Evy.

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Evy has a unique charm that is simply irresistible. Are you ready to explore what she has to offer? Her incredible body and pretty face will have you reeling from the moment you meet her, and you will be replaying your sexual antics for days after.

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