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About Edith

Edith is truly one of a kind. You'll first notice her intelligence and how she turns heads with her looks. But hang out with her a bit more, and you'll find she's got this whole other layer of coolness, especially when it comes to spicing things up with a bit of fun and games. With those mesmerizing hazel eyes and light brown hair, you can't help but feel pretty special when she's all about giving you her undivided attention.

Voyeuristic Pleasures

Edith likes to watch, which makes her the ideal escort for a couple’s encounter. She’s bisexual, so if you have always wanted to book an escort with a partner, she is an expert in this field. Living by the mantra to make the most out of every moment, you can bet any time spent with Edith is going to be a blast. As one of the younger escorts, she's got energy for days and her vibe is as lively and positive as it gets.

A Sexy Student

If your hottest fantasy involves a student-teacher scenario, Edith is ready to teach you new things. As a University student, Edith isn’t just a pretty face. Her passion for business, finance and art means she can hold her own in conversation, and she shows wisdom beyond her years. She is full of surprises, like the sexy lingerie she wears under her figure-hugging dresses. With a body to die for, you can’t wait to discover what else she has in store.

Enigmatic Eye Contact

One of the first things you will notice about Edith is her mesmerising eye contact. She loves to flirt and if you enjoy a romantic dinner date with Edith, she will undress you with her eyes. Calm and confident, she knows how to make you feel comfortable from the moment you meet her. Behind those dazzling eyes and that sexy smile, is a whole world of naughtiness for you to explore. Japanese cuisine is her preference and Amaretto Sours is her go-to nightcap.

A Sensual Experience

A date with Edith is a date like no other. Her passion for horse riding and yoga means that her physique is sublime. A man with a strong masculine presence turns her on and good manners are always rewarded. On one hand, she is kind and caring and on the other, she is sexy and sultry. Her love for travel makes her the dream escort for a trip. Will you make her dreams come true by joining the mile high club?

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