Why Intimacy is Better than Money 

Money and lots of it can give you access to luxury destinations and once in a lifetime experiences but as you might have heard before, it can’t buy happiness.

According to recent research, it is actually intimacy rather than money that is the key to happiness. What better excuse to book some one on one time with an elite escort

Release those Happy Hormones 

Money might be an aphrodisiac but it doesn’t make you feel happier like a steamy session can. Wealth and abundance is often an attractive quality for both men and women but intimacy releases hundreds of endorphins that can ensure your happiness levels soar. 

The best bit? Studies show that the more you have it, the happier you become which is great news if you regularly spend time with an escort

Intimacy Lowers Your Stress Levels  

After you’ve had a busy and stressful week at work, there is nothing like a hot session to blow off steam and unwind. Unlike a healthy bank balance, regular sessions with an escort can reduce your stress levels and can do wonders for your mental health. Money can be a source of stress even if you have a lot of it while intimacy comes with a plethora of health benefits both physical and mental. 

It Improves Your Sleep 

Physical contact can not only lower your stress levels but it can also improve your sleep! Sure, money can buy you a super king size bed with Egyptian cotton sheets but it doesn’t guarantee that you will share it with someone that gets your pulse racing. It turns out that great intimacy can help you drop off to sleep quicker due to the hormone Prolactin that is released as you orgasm. 

It Counts as Exercise 

Money can bring you a number of hedonistic experiences but can it keep you fit? Having regular sessions means you use a variety of muscles and it also counts as cardio! It will burn more calories than checking your bank balance so we recommend you get those heart rates up and enjoy a hot and heavy session with an escort of your choice.  

Boost Your Happiness and Book a Girlfriend Experience Today 

Intimacy is proven to increase happiness levels but adding an intimate connection is even more beneficial so why not try out a girlfriend experience and reap the benefits? 

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