A Weekend in Capri with a Travel Escort

The island of Capri off the coast of Italy has been a romantic destination for centuries.

It was immortalised in song by the likes of Frank Sinatra. So, if you are looking for a weekend away with your companion there’s few better places to go. Even if summertime is nearly over, with the blue Italian sky above, you can find romance and fun on the Isle of Capri. Especially, with our guide to what you need to see and when it’s the best time to visit.

Beautiful All Year Round 

Capri is surrounded by sparkling blue waters and easily accessible by ferry from Naples. It is a popular tourist destination that can be overly popular in some places, especially in the summer. For this reason, autumn can be a more romantic time to visit. When the temperatures are still warm, the days are still long and all the charm is there without too many of the other people there to get in the way.

Scenic Delights 

One thing you’ll quickly find out is that on the isle of Capri, there’s a lot of walking to do, even if it’s only a small island, but this makes for plenty of opportunity to stroll hand-in-hand with your Capri travel escort and the views are rarely less than stunning. The best views of all come from the Monte Solaro. It is the highest point on the island and requires good walking shoes to get there via the Passetiello nature trail. Once there, check out the views from the Fortino di Bruto.

Discover, Drink and Dine 

If the nature trail has got you in the mood for some more floral delights, the Giardini di Augusto is an obvious next stop, packed full of beautiful flowers, fountains and panoramic views. As night falls, you’ll want somewhere nice to eat and the port town of Marina Grande has lots of waterside restaurants like Lo Zodiaco, where seafood is on the menu of course.

Set Sail 

On Sunday, boat trips are the order of the day. No trip to Capri would be complete without seeing the breathtaking rock formations of Faraglioni or the beauty of the Blue Grotto sea cave. In the afternoon, a trip to Villa San Michele is the perfect way to end a romantic weekend in Capri, a villa built by a Swedish doctor that is an intoxicating mix of styles with incredible views and gardens to stroll around and watch the sun go down.

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