Trends in Luxury Cruising

Cruises are a hub for the wealthy traveller who wants to get all of the advantages of a luxury hotel with the added benefit of waking up somewhere new each day.

Cruise liners are stepping up their game in 2019 and so to inspire the itinerary for you and your travel escort for the year ahead, we are putting some of the biggest trends in luxury cruising under the spotlight. 

Suites with a Sea View 

This year’s cruise trends are putting a focus on cruise accommodation with more opportunities to stay in a suite onboard. Cruise ships are more commonly known for small and compact rooms but in 2019 many luxury cruise liners are upgrading their accommodation options and giving travellers the chance to upgrade their sleeping options with spacious suites. 

Hard to Reach Destinations 

The latest trends in cruising mean that you can make your friends jealous as cruise liners make their itineraries more exclusive and exciting. Run of the mill ports will still be on the agenda but with the addition of hard to reach destinations such as the Antarctic, the Galápagos Islands and Cuba. 

Staying Connected 

It goes without saying that Wi-Fi signals will always be weaker at sea than on land but increased onboard connectivity is a huge upcoming trend for 2019. Holiday makers love to document their travel memories on Instagram and cruise brands are away of how this free marketing can benefit them and as a result, they are going above and beyond to help customers share their experiences. This will appeal particularly to working nomads and entrepreneurs that want to work and travel at the same time. Work and leisure can now go hand in hand. 

Unusual On Board Activities 

2019 is the year that cruise liners become altogether more creative when it comes to putting on a show. One of the many attractions that come with boarding a cruise ship is the many forms of entertainment on board. This year, we see run of the mill karaoke and dance shows being overshadowed by exhilarating escape rooms and other interactive activities. 

Goal Oriented Excursions 

The focus is shifting from standard excursions to bucket list inspired activities making the cruise experience all the more rewarding. From state of the art cooking courses to climbing Machu Picchu, you can achieve all of this and more. 

From access to hard to reach destinations to Wi-Fi cafes, there’s more reasons than ever to try a cruise in 2019. 

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