Trends in High-End Traveling 

The face of luxury travel is ever changing and with a new season comes a flurry of high-end travel trends that promise to enrich your experience.

Here’s a run down of the top four trends in high-end travel to watch out for in 2019. 

Celebrating the Journey as Well as the Destination

One trend surfacing in high-end travel is the importance of the journey itself. It used to be that travelers focused on where they were going rather than how they would get there. The latest luxury travel trend is all about putting the luxury and exclusivity back into the journey and making transport more exciting than ever. Say goodbye to hurried commutes and hectic airport delays and say hello to lavish sleeper trains and private jets. 

Luxury Brand Collaborations 

Travel companies are stepping up their game and inspiring customers to travel with exciting collaborations with luxury designers and brands. The lines between fashion and hospitality are set to become blurred as branded hotels pop up in some of the world’s most exclusive high-end destinations. An example of this is the Bulgari hotel in Dubai. Other brands that have made the transition from fashion to hospitality include Giorgio Armani and Fendi. 

Hotels Designed with Social Media in Mind 

It cannot be denied that social media has had a huge influence on the way we travel. From sharing our travel snaps to looking for inspiration when booking hotels, restaurants and attractions, platforms such as Instagram have a huge effect on luxury travel. Today hotels are factoring in social media when revamping their design and creating visually appealing areas that have the potential to go viral on social media. With more and more travelers picking hotels on the basis of getting that perfect Instagram shot, it seems that social media is the new currency when it comes to social prestige. 

Tailored Travel 

In days gone by, luxury travel often meant outsourcing your travel requirements to a boutique escort agency who would plan your travel itinerary down to the last detail taking allowing you to lie back safe in the knowledge that every aspect from transport to accommodation was taken care of. However, the latest travel trend sees customers gaining back control over their travel options and having the luxury of customizing every aspect of their trip to meet their every whim. This could mean having the option to choose the exact style of room that you wish to stay in, picking the perfect pillow to place your head at night and even selecting the ideal room fragrance. Not to mention, picking out the perfect travel escort to enhance your trip. 

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