Travelling to Zanzibar with an Escort 

Zanzibar is known for its tropical seas, white beaches and idyllic island life, so it’s no surprise it is a popular vacation destination to enjoy with a travel companion.

With epic treks, charming history and luxury resorts, you can’t fail to have an adventure. 

Visit Nungwi and Kendwa

There are two ways to experience Zanzibar. If you want luxury, head to Nungwi and Kendwa, where you will find a handful of luxurious beach resorts where you can get a taste of the Indian Ocean island without giving up five-star comforts. 

Baraza Resort & Spa is just one of the beautiful places to stay and is a decadent base from which to explore. For a more authentic Zanzibar experience, you can head to quieter towns like Bwejuu or Jambiani. Stone Town is where you can explore the spice markets and get a real taste of Zanzibar. You can’t fail to be wowed by the coral stone buildings and local charm of the island’s very own UNESCO World Heritage Site. The characterful streets are where Freddie Mercury grew up. The legend is celebrated in many ways, including the Jafferji House and Spa, where you can stay in the Freddie Mercury suite. 

An African Adventure   

You can’t go to Zanzibar without witnessing the wildlife. Snorkelling or a forest trek is the perfect opportunity to do this. On land, there are plenty of rare creatures, including the Colobus monkey. The best place to see them is the Jozani Forest, where you can enjoy a trek with a guide. In addition, most luxury hotels offer exquisite and exciting diving and snorkelling experiences. So you can take in the beauty of the coral reef with your travel companion. 

Island Life 

Of course, if you want to relax and soak in island life, that’s fine too. The locals in Zanzibar have embraced a slower pace of life, and you can embrace this way of living with your travel companion. ‘Pole Pole’ is the name for it. Explore your resort and its very own private beach and take advantage of the full spa menu. However, if you want to venture out, Zanzibar has no shortage of picture-perfect beaches to discover. We recommend Nungwi beach as it’s not only stunning but also secluded. 

Are you ready to discover the delights of Zanzibar? Book a companion today and enjoy a sexy Arabian adventure. 

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