Travelling with a Companion – The Ultimate Luxury Experience 

Have always wanted to see the world with a stunning model on your arm?

You will be pleased to learn that we offer a luxury travel escort experience for your pleasure. Read on to discover everything you need to know about travelling with a high-class companion. Besides, read our tips for creating the ultimate luxury experience. 

Choose Your Method of Transport 

When you choose to travel with a VIP escort, it isn’t just about the destination; it’s also about the journey. When luxury is a priority, our escorts can accompany you on a first-class flight on a premium airline or travel with you on a private jet. If you have always wanted to join the mile-high club, this option is for you! From getting a luxury private transfer to the airport to helicopter rides, seaplanes and yachts, we can ensure that wherever you travel you get there in style. 

Choose Your Destination 

From legendary luxury destinations to those extra exclusive locations hidden off the beaten track, the possibilities are truly endless when you travel with a companion. You can visit a county that has been on your bucket list for your whole life. You can visit prestigious hotels and resorts that you have only ever dreamed about. From the private islands of Mykonos to yachting in Monaco and sightseeing in Dubai, our escorts are able to travel with you on worldwide adventures. 

Only the Best Will Do 

Do you like five-star hotels, Michelin starred restaurants and the finest boutiques? Do you want the best table in the restaurant or the best seats at the show? When you want the VIP treatment, look no further. You can fill your vacation with a luxury escort with the finest experiences from spa treatments to exotic dining experiences. Perhaps you want to see the whole of London from the windows of your five-star hotel suite? Maybe you want to be waited on hand and foot by your very own butler? Nothing is impossible when you travel with a high-end escort. 

Endless Adventure 

Luxury experiences are heightened when you have someone to enjoy them with. How better to discover the most glamorous destinations the world has to offer than with a stunning escort on your arm? Wherever you want to go, and however you wish to get there, we are on hand to help you plan the ultimate luxury vacation with an escort of your dreams. 

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