Top Secluded Beaches in Goa for Couples

Anyone who’s seen that famous scene in From Here to Eternity knows how romantic a beach can be when you’re with someone you fancy.

However, that romantic ambience soon fizzles out when you’re sharing that beach with hundreds of other people, which can make somewhere as beautiful as Goa feel claustrophobic and completely unsexy. So it’s crucial to find the right beach, which is where we come in. You may have heard of Baga, Candolim & Calangute, but we’re focusing on the more secluded areas where you and your elite escort can chill out together and feel like you’ve escaped the world to find your own paradise. 

Cola Beach

Despite having a name that resembles a famous corporate brand, Cola Beach is a very private and beautiful beach with only a few places to stay nearby. The beach huts are ideal locations to really get away from it all, or you can take part in a Maharaja Night where you can camp in a safari tent on the beach.

Patnem Beach

Another area that has managed to resist the temptation of commercialisation, Patnem has a sedate pace that is perfect for lovers of quiet beaches and me-and-you time. The sands are pristine and the waters are clear, while anyone around you will be doing yoga and meditation rather than water sports or beach cricket, meaning you can settle in, enjoy the views and your escort’s company.

Butterfly Beach

If you’re looking for a picturesque beach to visit and have some quiet time with whoever gives you butterflies, this is one of the best options. It’s not the easiest to get to, which helps make it feel secluded, and you’ll need to either take a boat there or go on a bit of an adventure through the forest to find it. Butterflies (of course) and dolphins may well be the only company you have while you’re chilling out together here.

Querim (Keri) Beach

With a rougher sea than many of the others in Goa, Querim is less appealing for some beach lovers, which makes it another great choice for those of us looking to escape the crowds and find some romance. If you want to spend some time together exploring a bit of local history, there’s even an ancient temple just off the beach to go and check out.

Finding that perfect secluded beach can be a challenge as some get more popular with couples and therefore become less secluded, but any of these we’ve picked out will get you and your travel escort in the romantic mood. 

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