Top Intimate Venues in London 

If you want to book a rendezvous in London for you and a high-end companion, you’re in luck because we’ve created a checklist of the best venues in the city to get intimate.

From setting the mood in London’s sexiest restaurants and bars to getting steamy in the most provocative hotel suites, we’ve got you covered. 

Where to Eat

If you are looking for intimacy, there’s no better place to get to know one another than a date night dining venue. Start your evening in the fairy room at Clos Maggiore. As the name suggests, it’s nothing short of enchanting.  Overflowing with twinkly lights, the restaurant also has a glass roof so you can stargaze as you graze. If you would prefer somewhere more modern, try Hutong, located in the Shard. Book a table lining the floor-to-ceiling windows for the best view and enjoy the intimate atmosphere at this stunning Japanese restaurant. 

Where to Drink 

If it’s a dimly lit decadent cocktail bar you desire, look no further than The Bloomsbury Club bar. The atmosphere is broody, and the drinking den hits the mark for an intimate date night. Alternatively, you can try the Victorian Bath House, an appointment-only bar. Its velvet interiors and bathtubs full of champagne will no doubt seduce you. Finally, make 68 & Boston the last bar on your list. Deliciously different, this bar has a secret cocktail lounge that you should explore.

Where to Dance 

There is no shortage of intimate adult entertainment hotspots in London for you and your London companion to try. There’s everything from sexy nightclubs to sex parties and even fetish nights if you’re inclined. Adult party lovers will adore the Torture Garden for its stage shows and sexy trapeze artists. For something a little more X-rated, there’s killing kittens, a ticket-only event where things get hot and heavy. 

Where to Stay 

Book a room at the Sanctum Hotel in Soho and prepare for a night like no other. With mirrored hotel suites and a bath hidden behind a shimmering beaded curtain, it doesn’t get sexier than this. Padded room doors and revolving beds add a touch of fun to a funky hotel. 

Use our recommendations to plan an exquisitely sexy encounter for you and a companion of your choice in London. If you want to dive deeper into the vibrant world of London visit our specialized adult guide – it’s your key to exploring the city’s best-kept secrets.

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