Tips to Live out Your Fetish Fantasy

One of the most thrilling aspects of booking an escort is that you can fully explore your fetish fantasy like never before.

With an escort, there’s no awkwardness, no judgment, just pure enjoyment as you live out your raunchiest fantasy. If you want to explore a fetish, here are our top tips on where to begin. 

Express Your Desire 

So, where exactly do you start when living out your fetish fantasy? While you are getting to know your escort on a one-on-one basis, it is the perfect time to bring up a discussion about mutual desires and go from there. Letting your escort know what turns you on ensures you get the most out of your encounter and can take your pleasure to a whole new level. From foot fetishes to role-play and bondage, our escorts are open-minded and well-versed in the world of kink, so don’t be afraid to open up. 

Establish a Safe Word 

This can be any word that can be used if you or your escort feel uncomfortable with where an encounter is going, and it is beneficial if you are new to a particular fetish and exploring it for the first time. A fetish crosses the line when it hurts another person, so this word ensures that the experience is enjoyable for all involved before you get kinky. Settle on a safe word and dive right in. 

Add to the Experience with Props 

Do you fantasize about being tied up? Does the idea of latex boots drive you crazy? Or perhaps you want to be spanked with a riding crop? Props are all part and parcel of living out your fetish fantasy and can really make your fantasy more realistic. Your escort could start small, wearing a pair of nylon stockings or a pair of PVC boots, or she could ramp it up with hand ties and whips. 

Which Fetish to Try First? 

The best fetish to try first will depend if you like to be dominant or submissive. If you like to be submissive, the idea of being restrained and having a sexy escort decide when and how you climax could be enough to get your pulse racing. Using role-play to explore a fantasy or fetish is also a great way to ease your way into the kinkier side.

You could incorporate spanking into a schoolgirl and teacher scenario or a policewoman and criminal setting.

If you want to explore voyeurism, you might want to book two escorts and explore the sensation of watching two women together or having a woman watch you and your favourite escort. 

What fetish will you explore?

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