The Golden Rules of Spanking 

People have been talking about combining pleasure and pain since the dawn of time, so it’s no surprise that you are intrigued about the wonderful world of BDSM style play.

Spanking can be extremely pleasurable for both you and a high-class escort when practised with care and communication. So what exactly is spanking, and why is it so erotic? Here are our golden rules of spanking during an escort encounter. 

Explore It 

Just like any other form of BDSM activity, it’s not just as simple as diving right in. To get the most out of your spanking experience, it is important to understand not just the act but also how to enjoy it consensually with an escort. Spanking is exciting not only because it introduces a power play scenario into your encounter, but the physical act of spanking flesh with a hand or a paddle releases endorphins upon impact, providing a pleasurable release. Talk about why you would like to try it and communicate with your elite escort, and discuss how you could explore it together. Again, communication and consent are key. 

Experiment With It 

With spanking, there are a lot of opportunities for experimentation. For example, do you want to try spanking during the foreplay stage or during the act itself? Do you want to use props, or will your or her hand suffice? Who will play a submissive role, and who will be dominant? What role will spanking play within your encounter? Do you want to experience punishment or humiliation or want to be submissive or dominant? Start slow, warm up with a sensual massage and lightly tap the skin to see what pressure you are comfortable with. Don’t be afraid to tease your partner during this experience; spanking should be fun, and using a blindfold is also something you can introduce once you feel at ease. 

Enjoy It 

Spanking should be light-hearted and enjoyable for both parties involved. When introducing something new into your life, it is important not to take it too seriously and approach it with an open mind. Discuss your expectations and fantasies beforehand and use a safe word to establish boundaries. With this new activity, you can have lots of fun, so why not use it to enhance role-play scenarios and bring some passion to your next escort encounter? 

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