The Golden Rules of RolePlay 

Roleplay is sexy, steamy and satisfying, but like any sexual act, there are rules to follow if you want to excel at it.

Spending one-on-one time with an elite escort is the ideal opportunity to try something new in the bedroom but if you’ve never tried roleplay in the past, you may be hesitant about choosing a fantasy and actually acting it out. Here’s our professional advice to make role-play fun with a high-end escort of your choice. 

Pick a Power Exchange 

Most role-play scenarios rely on a power exchange between you and your companion. One way to remove any awkwardness and ensure both parties enjoy it is to establish whether you want her to play a dominant or submissive role in your fantasy. Establishing this from the get-go will make the whole experience simpler to navigate leaving you to enjoy every moment. Our escorts are excellent at roleplay so pick a fantasy and they will bring it to life so whether you want to let her take the lead or you want to take charge, your wish is our command. 

Be Crystal Clear About Boundaries 

Roleplay should always be sexy, not scary! Sometimes it is fun to be pushed out of your comfort zone during a steamy encounter but to enjoy the experience to the full, it is important to discuss any boundaries that you or your escort has before you begin. This way both parties can spice up their experience without feeling uncomfortable and everybody wins. 

Use Costumes and Props

No roleplay exchange is complete without props! If you express your interest in a particular fantasy, our escorts will embody it, from wearing a kinky costume to using props. A French maid, a sexy secretary, a nurse? Our escorts know just how you like it. Sexy costumes aren’t essential, sometimes a barely-there lingerie set will suffice with a few well-chosen props such as a whip or a blindfold, but they can bring your deepest desires to life. 

Get Vocal 

Roleplay is all about adopting different identities and entering a world of make-believe. So, don’t be afraid to commit to your naughty fantasy with some sexy dialogue. Sexy talk can make your experience all the more enticing and exciting. It will make it all the more real. It’s natural to be self-conscious if you have never done this before. However, an escort will always put you at ease. If you are nervous, stick to minimal dialogue that complements your roleplay scenario for example if you are a customer being seduced by your masseuse. Let your escort do the talking. Alternatively, you can search for sexy roleplay scripts online to spice up your experience. 

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