The Best Destinations to Visit with your Favourite Travel Escort Companion After Quarantine

With travel restrictions in place, jetting off to an exotic destination may not be on the cards right now, but there’s no harm in planning a travel bucket list to enjoy as soon as the travel ban lifts.

Here are four destinations to add to your itinerary. 

Pic Du Midi 

France has a lot to offer, from delicious cuisine to some of the most memorable monuments, not to mention oodles of adult entertainment. But did you know it has one of the most epic stargazing opportunities? If it’s a phenomenal girlfriend experience you’re after, head to Pic Du Midi, where you will find the mountainous landscape of Mont Perdu. Here, you can enjoy the mountaintop observatory, which is accessible by cable car and stargaze till your heart is content.


Often eclipsed by the glitz and glamour of the neighbouring city of Dubai, Oman is a stunning destination offering both sandy beaches and epic mountain views. If you are looking for somewhere romantic to visit with your favourite travel escort, Oman has a special allure. From secluded wadi pools to wild camping, there is plenty of intimate activities to enjoy. Why not explore the more thrilling side of Oman and experience the best off-road driving? Or watch the sunset from the spectacular sand dunes? We promise that magic awaits you. 

The Grenadines 

Home to the Tobago Kays, you and your favourite top companion can make memories with the Bombay-coloured waters and white sand beaches. Nature lovers will love this destination as you will find yourself surrounded by 360 views of the islands while getting to know your elite escort at one of the water edge bars that serve delicious local beers. Enjoy a hike to Mount Royal and be rewarded with a stunning view from the top. Or embrace island life to the full and revel in lazy lie-ins and idyllic beach strolls. 

The Philippines 

Adventure is waiting for you and your lovely vacation escort in the Philippines. Thanks to the dreamy scenery, friendly locals and some of the most beautiful stretches of ocean with epic snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities, you will never tire of island life. Fill your days with cocktails on the beach, long walks and soaking up the sun while enjoying local cuisine and five-star luxury with your favourite escort. It doesn’t get better when it comes to total relaxation and decadence. 

Where will you go first? 

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