The Best Cocktail Bars in Brussels 

Brussels is an excellent place for a romantic evening exploring the many wonderful cocktail bars you can find within the Belgian capital.

But with many to choose from, how do you know which will give you a night to remember with your sexy Brussels escort companion? Here’s our guide to the best cocktail bars in Brussels.

Life Is Beautiful

Where else could we start but this appropriately named bar? It’s not the biggest, so you’ll need to get there in good time to beat the crowds, but you’ll find plenty of tasty cocktails to sample, while you can also book classes – in advance, they’re only done once a month – to learn how to make your own. With a canal side location, life really will be beautiful if your evening starts here.

La Pharmacie Anglaise

There’s a real science to making cocktails, so hosting a bar within a converted pharmacy makes a lot of sense. It still has the shelves packed with jars of mysterious origins, which all adds to La Pharmacie Anglaise’s magic, which has an atmosphere all of its own. But don’t worry, unlike a real pharmacy, it has comfy seating and serves a range of creative cocktails.

Green Lab

Another famous destination for cocktails in Brussels, Green Lab isn’t quite as well-located as those above. Still, it has a fascinating style that’s a cross between steampunk and industrial that might be more fun than sexy, but you’ll have a great time together here, especially if you’re fans of absinthe. That’s why everything’s green, you see.


If music is the food of love, this cocktail bar is the place to go for a steamy night out, especially if you like jazz. The Art Deco styling demonstrates how long L’Archiduc has been popular, with Nat King Cole’s likes having played here back in the first half of the 20th Century. Head there on a Saturday evening, and you can still hear live music there as well as sampling the cocktails.

Le Café Floréo

If you like to enjoy your cocktails with some live music to accompany them, there are few better places in Brussels than Le Café Floréo. It has some deliciously original drinks to try out and a reputation as one of the best places to catch live music in the city. Definitely not a place for a quiet night out, but if you want to hear lively DJ sets and the hottest bands on the local scene, this is the place to go for a few cocktails and a dance.

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