Sunny Travel Destinations to Try This Winter

The winter can be a great time to hire an elite escort, full of romantic walks kicking up leaves in a park and cosy nights in, but if you’re more a fan of the sun and warmth, there’s plenty of destinations you can go to heat things up a bit.

Here are some beautiful and romantic places to go with a travel escort and a bottle of suntan lotion.

Fregate Island Private, Seychelles

If you like luxury, it’s well worth considering Fregate Island Private in the Seychelles if you can. It’s where Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston went on their honeymoon, and while things didn’t quite work out for them, that’s no reason to avoid it. The weather will be fantastic, the beaches are to die for and the resort is luxury with a capital L, so you can’t fail to have a great time with the right person.


Every year, Dubai seems to become a more unmissable holiday destination, especially in the winter when it offers reliable sunshine and good times instead of rain, wind and snow. Except you can of course get snow there with the indoor ski slope if you fancy a break from the sun and sand. There’s water parks, desert safaris and luxury shopping malls and of course the world famous Burj Khalifa to visit with, AKA the tallest building in the world to visit with your Dubai escort.


A romantic trip away conjures up images of a paradise that can end up being impossible to live up to. Unless you go to Tahiti or any of the other major islands in French Polynesia. When life at home is grey and grim, escaping to somewhere that has almost hyper-real colours feels like going from a black and white movie to technicolour, and Tahiti’s none-more-blue waters and white sandy beaches have to been seen to be believed. You’ll never want to come back to reality.

Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

The beaches are sandy, the waters are blue and crystal clear, the coconut trees sway in the breeze… welcome to Providenciales. The Turks and Caicos Islands have lots of wonderful destinations for a winter break and Provo has some of the best beaches in the world. Nearby there’s also the turquoise lagoon of Chalk Sound National Park if you want to see even more natural beauty while you stroll hand in hand with a companion.

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