Summer 2019 with your Favorite Travel Escort

A romantic summer holiday with your favourite travel escort is the chance to get away from all the stresses and pressures of normal life and spend some one-on-one time together.

If the weather is gorgeous and the scenery is breathtaking, and there are lots of fun activities, then that’s a bonus too. But it’s important to pick the right location and find the right atmosphere. Sometimes this means looking away from the obvious options and thinking of what the right fit would be for you. So here are some of the best places to travel this summer with a travel escort. 

Go On an Adventure in Tibet

A major trend for travel in 2019 is adventure holidays with many companies offering tours of some of the most exciting places in the world for travel companions looking to get away from the usual tourist traps. With some incredible Himalayan mountaintop views to enjoy, plus all of the culture and history of Lhasa, a trip to Tibet is just the kind of adventure to bring you even closer together, especially when you’re out wild camping on the Tibetan Plateau.

Look for Alternatives

City breaks are naturally romantic, but the problem with going somewhere like Paris, Barcelona or New York is that you have to share your romance with lots of other people. So even though they have so much to offer, the crowds can really get in the way. However, there are lots of cities that have as much for companions to enjoy. For example, why queue up to the sights of Florence when you can visit nearby Bologna, which has all the same kind of beautiful historic architecture and atmosphere? Get off the beaten track with your favourite travel escort this summer. 

Indulge in Your Wellness

If you don’t want to go on an adventure and a city break sounds like too much work, then a spa break is for you. Wellness holidays an increasingly popular trend as people take more care of their own wellbeing as well as exploring new places together. So going on a holiday to somewhere like Bali to visit a spa resort means you can enjoy the peace, tranquillity and indulgence in a romantic tropical setting. At the same time, Switzerland is famous for its luxurious retreats where couples can enjoy massages and spa treatments. 

Where will you take your favourite travel escort in 2019? 

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