Why Students Love Escorting

Studying for a degree is a hugely rewarding experience and can lead to wonderful career opportunities, but it is also incredibly expensive.

Most degree courses span for three to five years and there are course fees, accommodation and of course student loans to pay. It is no surprise then that many women explore the world of escorting during their student years. Here are just a few reasons why students love to work as escorts.

It’s Flexible and Fun

Unlike a regular nine to five job, escorting is a flexible career that won’t get in the way of lectures and study sessions. Working a nine to five or a bar shift after spending the day doing seminars and lectures can leave you with no free time at all. Escorting gives you the freedom and flexibility to earn a high wage without working every hour god sends.

It’s a Lucrative Profession

The student life is usually associated with living on a low budget, but getting a high paid job ensures that you don’t have to sacrifice your standard of living. For many students, it provides the perfect opportunity to make significant earnings while normal student jobs such as working in a bar or a restaurant pay very little. Many escorts can make in one evening what a student who works doing a regular job will make in a month. With some students struggling to pay bills, escorting is the perfect way to fund university life.

It’s Exciting and Fulfilling

Many students like the social side of escorting. As a high-class escort, you get to interact with a huge variety of people, meeting with clients of all ages. One day you could be enjoying dinner and drinks with a wealthy businessman, another day you could be jetting off with an entrepreneur. No day is the same. Many clients will want an escort to accompany them to corporate events, to nightclubs or bars and this can be an exhilarating and empowering experience for any student.

Become a Student Escort

If you want to step up your earnings and fund your studies via escorting, we are always looking for sociable, intelligent and beautiful student escorts. We only accept the most phenomenal girls and our recruitment process is thorough. Get in touch today with the Top Companion team to see how you can become one of our student escorts and get a feel for the high life.

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