The Simple Guide to Choosing a High-Class Escort 

If you are new to escort encounters, one of the first questions you may have is how to choose the perfect escort for you.

When you join a reputable agency, all the escorts are top quality leaving you spoiled for choice. Obviously, you want your encounter to be exquisite. That’s why we have put together a simple guide to choosing a high-class escort to help speed your decision-making process. So now you can skip to the good part!

What are your Heart’s Desires? 

Start by creating a fantasy that captures all of your deepest desires. Once you have visualised exactly what the perfect encounter looks like to you, you can begin to work backwards to pinpoint the important characteristics. For example, does your perfect encounter simply involve mind-blowing intimacy? Or does it include an intimate dinner in a fabulous restaurant? Is the girl you imagine yourself with blonde or brunette? Is she your usual type, or is she the opposite? Do you imagine her tall or petite? Does she have any special talents that you can’t stop thinking about? 

Read Our Model Bios 

Once you have dreamed up your fantasy encounter, visit our gallery. Is there a girl that looks like the girl in your fantasy? Each of our escort models is deliciously different. You can get to know them a little by reading their bios. Our girls are stunning, but aesthetics are only the beginning when it comes to who you are instantly attracted to. All of our escorts are well-educated, well-travelled and have life experience, but they all have different hobbies, different interests and different personality traits. When you created your fantasy date, was your escort outgoing or soft-spoken and innocent? Was she confident and sexy or sultry and mysterious? 

Variety is the Spice of Life

The great thing about choosing a high-class escort is that, unlike choosing a life partner, you can experience every aesthetic and every personality type that turns you on. For example, if one day your fantasy involves a busty blonde that is submissive, you can bring that to life. However, if another day it is a dominant brunette, your wish is our command. Likewise, one encounter could be with a model who is your usual type, while another encounter you can enjoy with a girl you don’t usually go for. The beauty of escort encounters is experimentation, and this way, you get the best of both worlds. 

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