Sexy New Years Resolutions to Try 

Are you ready to have your best year of intimacy so far?

Great intimacy doesn’t always happen by magic, so make some sexy New Year Resolutions and make it happen! Here are some of our favourite sexy new years resolutions to try in 2022. 

I Will Prioritise Pleasure 

Many of the resolutions we set ourselves in the new year are all about restricting the things we enjoy, such as alcohol and food. However, pleasure is something we want more of this year, not less. So to achieve this, you will need to be proactive and carve out time from your busy schedule for it. Prioritising pleasure can be anything from making sure you get time to yourself (self-pleasure is so important) to booking time with a high-class escort

I Will Try Something New 

This year, why not broaden your horizons sexually and find out what really turns you on? Incredible intimacy often starts by getting to know yourself better, and trying something new could be the start of something amazing. Escort encounters are the perfect opportunity to experiment and try out new things without having any awkward conversations with a partner. 

I Will Boost My Libido 

Great intimacy requires a great sexual appetite, so one thing that can improve your life is giving your libido a much-needed boost. There are many ways to do this, and being more active is just one of them. If you have already vowed to increase the number of times you hit the gym every week, then you are already taking steps to a better libido. 

I Will Practise Safe Sex 

A resolution we should all be making is to have safe sex this year. Of course, escort encounters require you to use protection but prioritising your health in 2022 will guarantee you can prioritise pleasure without any pesky health issues getting in the way. 

I Will Be Confident 

Intimacy isn’t just about stamina, performance and skill. Confidence plays a key role also. Having the confidence to communicate your preferences is the first step. Confidence also comes into play when trying different things and experimenting with role play and power play scenarios. 

These five sexy new year resolutions will kick start the sexiest year you’ve ever had. Are you ready to try them out? 

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