The Top Trends in Luxury Travel 2016

Luxury travel is always evolving and so if you are fantasizing about jetting off to an exotic location with a sexy travel companion, take a look at the upcoming luxury travel trends and discover new experiences around the world.

Read on to discover the top trends for 2016.

Live Like a Local

Luxury travel isn’t simply about sipping a martini at the hippest beach bar in town. Travelling is an enriching experience and more and more people are visiting a destination with the sole aim of soaking up the culture. One of the biggest travel trends of 2016 is heading off the beaten track and seeing a city through the eyes of a local. So, wherever you decide to travel next year, leave the tourist traps behind and immerse yourself in a different way of life.

Bucket List Adventures

In 2016, more people than ever before will be ticking off items on their bucket list while travelling. The beauty of travelling to a different city is about experiencing new things with new people so why not take that trip you have always wanted to take? Whether it’s having a flutter at the Casino Monte Carlo or enjoying an intimate moment at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, seek out an adventure that you will never forget.

Premium Gourmet Discoveries

One way to discover a new destination is through taste. An upcoming luxury travel trend focuses on the rise in gastronomic tourism. One way to explore this trend is to truly explore a city’s culinary traditions. This goes way beyond visiting a Michelin Starred restaurant or two during your stay. Indulge in an intimate cooking lesson, head to the markets for a tour to sample local delicacies or arrange an exclusive wine tasting experience with a VIP partner. Our models love nothing more than to experience new things.

Expensive Luxury Yacht Charters

Few can imagine a better way to spend leisure time than sipping champagne on the deck of a private yacht. Spend your days catching rays on the sun deck with your very own elite yacht escort and spend your evening exploring new cities.

If you are looking for a high-class model to discover the latest luxury travel trends with, we have some of the top escorts in town. Get in touch to see how we can arrange an unforgettable encounter and tick items off your bucket list simultaneously.

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