The Best Local Cuisine in Milan

If you are in Milan on a business trip, it pays to know the best food spots.

More and more travellers want to eat like a local, soaking up the culture and getting a feel for the city. With this in mind, here are four restaurants that serve authentic local dishes that are sure to delight your Milan luxury escort companion.

Minestrone at Refettorio Simplicitas

Minestrone is a popular Milanese dish that can be found in many restaurants in the city. This Milanese staple is quite simply a delicious vegetable soup that is incredibly delicious yet deceptively simple. If you want to try this popular dish, book a table at Refettorio Simplicitas. The restaurant prides itself on serving up scrumptious, simple dishes that reflect traditional home-cooked meals.

Risotto at Ratana

Milan is Italy’s most affluent cities, and as a result, no expense is spared when it comes to cuisine. But what makes Milan’s risotto stand out from the rest? The key ingredient is saffron, and you can’t help but marvel at its richly golden hue. Ratana is based in the Porta Garibaldi district and has been impressing diners since 2009. The chef at this establishment is known as the King of Risotto, so if you want a taste of authentic Milanese cuisine, this is one luxury restaurant that should make it on to your list.

Polenta at Masuelli San Marco

Polenta is another typical dish that is made from cornmeal. This delicacy is usually accompanying a meat dish and is most popular in the winter months. Masuelli San Marco boasts a funky setting with impressive chandeliers that date back to the 1930s. An elegant setting, delicious local cuisine, and impressive family history make this restaurant a must for you and your high-class companion.

Panettone at Pasticceria Marchesi

You can’t visit Milan without sampling the Panettone. This famous local delicacy is a brioche made up of butter, eggs, sugar, raisins and candied fruits, and it’s the perfect sweet treat to enjoy with a VIP partner. While it is trendy during the festive season, it is popular the whole year-round. The best Panettone can be found at Pasticceria Marchesi.

If you want to see what Milan has to offer, look no further than these restaurants specialise in premium authentic cuisine.

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