Learning the Art of Seduction 

Learning how to seduce a woman can add a new dynamic to any sensual encounter and build your confidence when meeting new escorts.

The art of seduction is half knowing what women want and half knowing how to execute it, so with this in mind, here are some golden rules when it comes to seduction.

Exude Confidence

A confident demeanor is rule number one. When you first meet a woman and you want to impress her, it can be a nerve racking experience but radiating confidence will make you appear more attractive regardless of whether you are feeling nervous on the inside. Confidence isn’t just about how you speak to a woman, it’s also how you walk, how you stand and how you act. Walk tall, speak with authority and never slouch.

Be Attentive

Believe it or not, seducing a woman isn’t all about sex. Women love a man who pays attention to her needs both inside and outside of the bedroom. Being attentive can apply to a woman’s physical and emotional needs and there are many small ways to show your attentive side. Pay attention to what she wears, how she looks and above all, listen to what she has to say. Drop in a few compliments into your initial conversation and remember to go into detail rather than feeding her a cliché line.

Make Her Feel Special

This golden rule is a little harder to execute and requires a bit more thought and effort on your part. Women love to feel special whether you are having a meal, enjoying a cocktail or having an intimate encounter behind closed doors. If you are on a date, make sure you pay attention to her and only her and make her feel as though she is the only person in the room. Give her your undivided attention and see how it adds a positive spin to the encounter.

Learn What Turns Her On

When the time comes to get physical, knowledge is power. This is perhaps one of the most important seduction tactics a man can learn. Every woman is different so there are no tried and tested moves that you can fall back on, it’s up to you to learn what your lady likes in the bedroom. You can then use this information to step up your seduction game and impress her like no man has before.

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