Escort Encounter 101 Learning the Art of Eroticism  

At Top Companions, we like to arm you with all of the information and tips to ensure your escort encounters get better and better, and today, we’re talking about the art of eroticism.

Erotic activities are not crude or overtly sexual. Instead, it is all about using your imagination and experimenting, which leads to double the pleasure. Erotic mastery will help you learn how to expand your pleasure and make your high-class escort encounters all the more intense. 

Let Your Imagination Run Free 

The first step to embracing erotica is to be open to trying new things sexually, but it is also about self-discovery. Before you try new things in the bedroom, it helps to throw some ideas around, dig deep into your darkest fantasies, and grasp what turns you on.

Did you know that your most powerful sexual organ is your mind?

Well, this really is what erotica is all about. To explore eroticism with a partner or top companion, you must truly identify what turns you on first. Pay attention to specific fantasies or desires here. 

Experiment with Touch 

Experimentation is all part of learning the art of eroticism. Learning how you like to be touched and others like to be touched is a great starting point. This should be a whole-body experience; exploring the many erogenous zones will help you identify your unique turn-ons and sexual preferences. This means it’s easier to convey to others what you like and what you don’t. 

Learn Pleasure Delay Tactics

To intensify pleasure, you often must hold back a little and let the tension build. So often, sex can be rushed or feel like a chore, especially if you have had the same partner for a while, but pleasure delaying really allows you to focus on what turns you on and how to explore it. Learning to experiment with pleasure can lead to one of the most intense and exciting experiences you have had. 

Erotic acts can be anything from feeling breath on the back of your neck to feeling fingertips brush down your spine. It could be a visual thing, for example, the act of a woman slowly undressing for your eyes only. Are you ready to learn the art of eroticism? Book an exciting escort encounter today with us. 

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