Indian Summer 2019: The Best Spots

Having an intimate encounter with a travel escort isn’t always easy, with many of the best locations being overrun by families and groups of young friends, leaving companions struggling to find the peace and quiet to enjoy each other’s company.

For that reason, it can be very tempting to leave the traditional summer holiday months to people who can only travel during school holidays and wait until late summer. Luckily, there are many destinations you can travel to for a spectacular and romantic Indian summer holiday, so here’s our guide to where you should be considering spending yours with an elite escort of your choice. 


The Greek Islands are ideal places to spend a holiday if you want to get your pulse racing. With incredible shades of blue in the sea, sky and the rooftops of the iconic white villages, Santorini is everything you need for an Indian summer romance. The temperatures are delightfully warm without being overly hot. Any of the Greek islands would be an excellent choice, with the likes of Rhodes and Crete both beautiful and less crowded and touristy than usual. It’s the perfect place to turn up the heat. 


If the traditional image of Ibiza as a party island puts you off visiting and enjoying its charms during peak season, there’s no excuse for avoiding it once that comes to an end. Of course, there’s always much of the island that is all about natural beauty rather than drunken debauchery. In early autumn you’re still going to get the great weather and stunning sights without a party boat in sight. Get ready to experience bliss with a sexy Ibiza escort. 

The Amalfi Coast

Italy’s stunning Amalfi Coast is one of those areas that suffer most of all from its fame, making it almost a no-go area at times in the summer because there are so many tourists heading there to enjoy it. If you can delay and go after mid-September, you and your holiday companion can have a much more intimate and transcendent experience, with the hotels being less crowded and the roads a lot more pleasant to cruise along and enjoy the scenery. 


Turkey’s Turquoise Coast is a completely different place in the summer compared to what you’ll find in the Indian summer, with much more of a bohemian vibe once the tourist season is over. With warm weather lasting well into the winter months, stunning coastal scenery to enjoy and lots of chic small villages to explore, it’s a perfect place to enjoy a chilled romantic break.

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