10 Ways to Impress a High-Class Escort 

Of course, when you book an escort encounter, you want to make a great impression, but how do you blow her away?

It’s simple, here are ten ways to impress a high-class escort. 

Value Her Time 

An escort’s time is valuable, and to show her you respect this and impress her right off the bat, you should turn up on time. Being late is a huge sign of disrespect, so get off on the right foot by being punctual. 

Show Her Respect 

Of course, it isn’t just her time you should respect. You should also respect her body and her boundaries. This means no foul language, no offensive behaviour of any kind and no acts that could be construed as rude or demeaning. 

Prioritise Personal Hygiene 

Something as simple as excellent cleanliness will get you in an escort’s good books. There is nothing sexier than a man who is clean and well-groomed, especially in those private areas. 

Familiarise Yourself with Escort Etiquette

Knowing the unwritten rules for escort encounters will put you in a unique position to impress your escort. Read up on the dos and don’ts, and this way, you are both starting the experience on the same page. 

Communicate Clearly 

When you meet a high-class escort for the first time, neither of you knows the other’s body or turn-ons, and one way to impress your escort is to be very vocal about what you like and want. By doing this, you are giving her a guideline of how to please you and make the encounter memorable for all of the right reasons. 

Take Pride in Your Appearance 

Look smart, wash and iron your clothes and polish your shoes. Whatever you can do to make sure you look your best will impress your escort and show you have gone the extra mile. 

Compliment Her on Her Appearance 

Your escort will no doubt be looking sensational, and she made that effort especially for you, so don’t forget to compliment her on how beautiful she looks. 

Keep it Casual and Light-hearted 

Whether you have had a hard week at work or you are going through a hard time in your personal life, try not to let any serious emotions leak into your escort encounter. Instead, keep it light-hearted and upbeat. 

Stay Sober 

By all means, have a drink to steady any last minute nerves but by no means get drunk. 

Have Fun  

Flirt and remember to have fun and this will never fail to impress a high-class escort. 

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