Ideas for a First Date

This is what we like to call the tried and tested method.

Your first date with a sexy high class companion can be daunting but we have plenty of ideas to ensure it goes smoothly.

Dinner and Drinks

You aren’t breaking any new ground here but that doesn’t mean you can’t earn points for originality. A fancy meal and some post dinner drinks is the perfect way to break the ice and get to know your companion. This date option allows plenty of opportunity for conversation and it is the perfect time to engage her both mentally and physically. Pick the right venue by seeking out some live music or an onsite DJ.


If you are the outdoorsy type or you find yourself in a new city, a first date can be the perfect excuse to explore and get outside. What about a summer stroll through the city taking time to familiarise yourself with the iconic landmarks in your area? One of the worries you might have when going on a first date is that the conversation may be stilted but if you are outdoors surrounded by culture, you will always have something to talk about. Even if you are in your hometown, a date is a wonderful excuse to visit a place that you have never been.

Plan a Picnic

This date idea has all of the advantages of a dinner and drinks date but allows for more originality and of course it’s a more casual setting so altogether more relaxed. Why not enjoy brunch outdoors and put together a picnic to enjoy in an intimate setting? A picnic is easy going and a lot less daunting than a fancy restaurant reservation.

Go to The Opera

If you want to dress to impress, a fancy venue like the opera is perfect for a first date. You can enjoy the show and each other’s company and use the interval to get to know each other better. What’s more you’ll have plenty to discuss after the show.

Try a Sporting Event

A fun atmosphere is all you need if you want your date to be remembered. If there is a fun or glamorous event happening in your area such as the Grand Prix, the Polo or the horse racing, this could be the perfect place to take your date.

If you want to plan the perfect first date, use our tips to ensure you land that all important second date.

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