How to Become a High-End Escort

A high-end escort has the very highest level of industry expertise and is known to offer a premium quality service that sets her apart from the average escort.

This title comes with high earning potential but there are a certain number of requirements that you need in order to fill this special kind of escort job. Here’s the ultimate guide to becoming a high-end escort. 

Look the Part

In order to be a high-end escort, you must perfect the art of presentation. This means that you should be well-groomed at all times and look your best from the clothes you wear right down to the most excellent personal hygiene standards. Clients pay above and beyond for a high-end escort and as a result, they have certain expectations. This involves the way you look to the way you smell and the way you dress. 

Be Ladylike and Luxurious 

A high-end escort has class and possesses an elegance that not every escort can offer. Your manners speak volumes about you and in order to fit into this exclusive category, you should have excellent attention to detail from the way that you speak to the way you conduct yourself in public. She also upholds these standards behind closed doors. A high-end escort will always be wearing luxurious lingerie, fashionable yet elegant clothes and have manicured nails and clean, shiny hair. 

Be The Best you can Be 

High-end escorts are constantly working on themselves to ensure they stand out from the crowd. You can never have too many skills and one way you can establish yourself as a high-end escort is to expand your general knowledge (clients love to converse with an intelligent woman), learn a new language (being multilingual can increase opportunities for travel) and focus on your own fitness and wellbeing. Not only will this result in you looking and feeling your best but also impress clients with your knowledge and wit. 

Be Social and Sexually Open-Minded 

Standard escorts provide sex as a service but high-end escorts offer a service that is incredibly intimate and they also excel at the girlfriend experience. In order to become a high-end escort, you must have many strings to your bow and be comfortable with a variety of scenarios. As well as the physical side of the role, you should also be comfortable in a number of social situations and be happy to accompany a client to a dinner party, corporate event or travel opportunity

Do you want to be a high-end escort? 

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