Dinner Date Spots in Luxembourg

When it comes to fine dining there can be little doubt that Luxembourg certainly won’t disappoint in terms of finding high end dinner spots.

With as many as eleven city restaurants boasting Michelin stars, you’ll easily find plenty of dining options, coupled with exceptional service. Here we take a sneak preview of Luxembourg’s top five little finds.

Mousel’s Cantine

Nestled in the city centre, Mousel’s Cantine has a truly local feel about it. In terms of ambience, expect wood panelled walls, rustic furniture and large silver platters served with an abundance of food particularly potatoes and sauerkraut, which the chefs here certainly seem to favour. The perfect setting for a relaxed evening.


For somewhere a little more off the beaten track then you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere nicer than Owstellgleis. Known locally as the bistro, this bustling little restaurant really offers the wow factor when it comes to al fresco dining since you can dine either on the lawn or on the rather impressive terrace area, making it a great option for those intimate summer nights. In terms of food choice all produce is prepared to the highest standards and portions are generous, making it popular with both tourists and locals alike.


Located near Bambesch, the Sieweburen restaurant is a fantastic find and simply perfect after taking a leisurely amble through the nearby woodland. What’s more, if you’re visiting with a companion, the front of the restaurant offers stylish dining options and local delicacies such as ham sauerkraut served with fries.

Goethe Stuff

If you’re brave enough to make your way through a dark alleyway leading from the city’s Rue de l’Eau you’ll certainly be rewarded with fine food at the Goethe Stuff. Embracing a Goethe theme, it’s certainly not what you’d expect to find in the depths of the city and makes for a nice alternative to some of the more touristy options you’ll naturally find in the city centre. Food here is both traditional and well portioned and all at a price that won’t break the bank.

Lea Linster

Finally, if money’s no object, then be sure to visit the Michelin starred Lea Linster. Not only is the restaurant utterly decadent, it’s swank, it’s plush and the food quite simply speaks for itself.


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