High Class VS Regular Escorts

Here at Top Companions, you can spend time with high class escorts but you may be wondering what the difference is between a high class escort and a regular escort.

Here are the main differences.

Multi Lingual and Highly Educated

Often one of the biggest differences between high class escorts and regular escorts is their level of education. While most escorts speak English, when you book a high class escort, you will find they are fluent in many languages. This can be particularly enchanting when they can speak foreign languages when you travel or you can simply listen as they flirt with you in a foreign tongue. All of our escorts are educated to University degree level which ensures they are a pleasure to converse with. They will wow high end gentlemen with their knowledge and you may expect interesting conversations on a range of topics.

Perfectly Dressed from Head to Toe

Another difference between high class escorts and regular escorts is their wardrobe. While a regular escort may arrive at your venue wearing clothing that she would choose for any occasion, a high class escort will put a lot of thought in to dressing for an occasion. She will always look the part.

Impeccably Groomed

All escorts may be beautiful and what one person finds beautiful will differ from someone else’s ideal but the main difference in appearance when it comes to high class escorts vs regular escorts is how they present themselves. High class escorts look after themselves and you can rest assured that when you book a high class escort, they will be well groomed, feminine and sophisticated. Not only will they look stunning, they will smell beautiful, have soft skin and silky hair and every part of their appearance will be taken care of. Her clothing will be of a high quality and she will wear the most beautiful lingerie.

A Girlfriend Experience

A regular escort will provide you with pleasure in an intimate setting but her services may not go beyond this. A high class escort is well versed in the art of seduction and will provide you with pleasure but also so much more. A high class escort will put effort into creating the perfect atmosphere for your experience and she will build a connection that is romantic and sensual. High class escorts make the perfect date should you want to start your experience with an intimate dinner for two.

There are a number of differences between a regular escort and a high class escort and the perfect escort for you will depend on your specific requirements. A high class escort is extremely talented and she will offer a tailor-made experience that will blow your mind.

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