Four Things You Should Know About Escorts 

There are many misconceptions about escorts and often it’s not a topic people discuss openly, so advice on escort etiquette is thin on the ground.

So, whether you book an escort every weekend or you are hiring an escort for the very first time, here are four things you should know. 

There’s No Shame in It 

Booking an escort can be seen as a taboo subject but there is nothing to be ashamed about. Escorts that work for a reputable escort agency have a passion for this career and get a thrill out of pleasuring men and couples. For them, it also provides the financial freedom to create the businesses they want to run and bring their hopes and dreams to life. There is no shame in connecting with an escort whether that be for the purpose of physical intimacy or on a companionship. 

There’s More to it

Escorts are skilled behind closed doors, there’s no doubt about it but a talented escort can offer a plethora of things that make them attractive and not all on a physical level. Escorts also provide a lot of support emotionally too, many are great listeners and are superb companions for dinner dates, movies or sightseeing. Intimacy is important for general happiness and wellbeing and spending time with an escort can tick all of these boxes. 

Escorts are Professionals 

It may look a lot different from your nine to five office job but escorting is a career none the less. While your experience may include activities that you consider as downtime, for an escort this is all part and parcel of their career duties. For this reason, you should treat an escort with the courtesy that you would show any other skilled professional. 

First Impressions Count 

When meeting an escort for the first time it is natural to want to make a great first impression and there will be plenty of opportunities to do so.

What you should know about meeting an escort is that first impressions matter and the better the impression, the better the service will be that you receive.

Small things such as being polite and punctual go a long way to creating an atmosphere that is relaxed and respecting boundaries while going the extra mile to make a great impression will always work in your favour. 

So, there you have it! Four things to know about enjoying a rendezvous with an escort. Booking an escort is all about enjoyment and the more information you have, the more relaxed you will feel during your escort experience.  

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