Five Surprising Facts about the Escort Industry

One of the biggest myths surrounding escorting is that the women who work in the industry do so because they aren’t qualified to do other jobs.

There are so many stereotypes surrounding women who work in the escort industry from how they look to how they spend their free time and this post takes a look at the common misconceptions about escort work and uncovers five surprising facts about female escorts. 

Many Escorts Have a Degree 

This really couldn’t be further from the truth. Many escorts are not only well educated, but most have a degree or two under their belts. Some presume that escorts are uneducated. Still, a lot of women who work in the industry enjoy escorting alongside being a student or use it as a sideline to their primary job. 

Many Escorts Are Entrepreneurs 

Another presumption when it comes to escort work is that escorting is their only source of income. You may be shocked to know that many female escorts are successful businesswomen who run their own companies and empires and escorting is simply another stream of income. 

Many Escorts Are Multilingual

We’ve discussed the preconception that all escorts aren’t well educated, but what if we told you that some escorts are fluent in their own language but also in various others? Our escorts are not simply capable of holding their own in a conversation but they can flirt with you in multiple languages. 

Many Escorts Are Property Owners 

It is often thought that female escorts have a poor standard of living but the truth is that escorts make good money and as a result, they create a life they always dreamed of. For some women, this can mean buying multiple properties as a business or as an investment in assets that will increase in value.

Many Escorts Are Ambitious and Driven 

Lastly, escorts are often stereotyped as lazy, but while they have the luxury of planning their work schedule, the truth is the direct opposite. To be an escort, you have to be not only physically fit but have the ambition and drive to make money in a saturated industry. They have to put endless hours into not only entertaining clients during unsociable hours but also put in the time to ensure they look good doing it. We’re talking hours in the gym and lots of time grooming so they are at the top of their game. 

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